Beer Tasting & Brewery Tours Porto

Porto Day Trips & Excursions Price

Lupum Beer - Farm Brewery Tour €46.16
Craft Beer & Food Tour €69
Porto Craft Beer Tour - Introduction €23.02
Porto Pub Crawl €15
Lupum Beer - Farm Brewery Tour

Lupum Beer - Farm Brewery Tour

clock Duration: 3 to 5 hou
  • Beer and nature!
    The ultimate Porto secret for beer enthusiasts and nature lovers: the Lupum farm brewery!
    In Avintes, home of the famous bread "broa de Avintes" we’ll join Tó work to get Lupum Wild Beer done in the quietude of his brewery.
    The crazy thing about this place is that it's not only a brewery but also home to farm animals...
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Craft Beer & Food Tour

Craft Beer & Food Tour

clock Duration: 3 hours
  • Porto is all about port wine, right? Turns out 'no'. Explore Porto’s exciting craft beer scene on our beer-focused food tour. The perfect experience for omnivores.

    This tour is not a pub crawl. We promise to fill your stomach and your pint glass on this evening stroll through town.

    On our Porto Craft Beer & Food tour, you'll learn...
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Porto Craft Beer Tour - Introduction

Porto Craft Beer Tour - Introduction

clock Duration: 1 hour 30
  • Porto Craft Beer Tours is a young and very small company 100% dedicated to giving the best insight into the dynamic and ongoing craft beer revolution in Porto. You've had the wine Cool. Now let's have a taste of the new trendy thing in town !

    You're a craft beer lover You're looking for a smooth afternoon spending time with friends and...
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Porto Pub Crawl

Porto Pub Crawl

clock Duration: 3 hours
  • Porto's Nightlife is incredible and we love creating memories with our guests here too!

    A fun and eccentric mix between a tour and a bar hop! Our freelance tour guides (or Party Makers as we call them) will show you the best local bars, which include 6 drinks- 3 beers and 3 shots.

    Our pub crawlers also get you exclusive drink deals...
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Porto Brewery & Beer Tasting Tours FAQ's

Q1. What is Porto Brewery and Beer Tasting Tours?
Porto Brewery and Beer Tasting Tours allow participants to explore and enjoy different varieties of local craft beers and learn about the traditional brewing process, all in the beautiful city of Porto, Portugal.

Q2. What kinds of beer can you sample on the tour?
On the tour, you can sample an array of craft beers from various local breweries, such as stouts, IPAs, wheat beers, and more.

Q3. How long does a Porto Brewery and Beer Tasting Tour last?
The tour typically lasts around four hours, with plenty of time for tasting, tours of brewery facilities, and informative discussions related to the brewing process.

Q4. How much beer will I be able to drink?
Although there is an opportunity to sample all the beer styles available, we recommend drinking in moderation and taking breaks throughout the tour.

Q5. Do I need to purchase a ticket for a tour?
Yes, a ticket is required to participate in a Porto Brewery and Beer Tasting Tour. The tour can be booked in advance online, with tickets for groups of up to 8 people.

Q6. Is the tour suitable for all ages?
Participants must be over the age of 18, and must bring a valid ID to the tour. The tour is not suitable for children or minors.

Q7. Is the tour wheelchair accessible?
Yes, the tour is wheelchair accessible, and people of all abilities are welcome to join.

Q8. What should I wear on the tour?
Visitors should dress comfortably, but note that the tour involves stops in cool beer cellars, and so it is advisable to bring a light jacket and wear appropriate footwear.

Q9. Is photography allowed?
Yes, photography is allowed and encouraged during the tour, although some breweries may have restrictions, which will be outlined by the guide.

Q10. Is food available during the tour?
The tour does not include food, but visitors are welcome to bring snacks or purchase food from local establishments.