Top Beer Tasting Tours

One of the best activities to do in a city during your next vacation is to go for a beer tasting experience. Going on a brewery day tour will not only give you a sip, you will be immersed in the making process of beers at local breweries of the city. This experience is one that connects you to the real roots of the city, and provides a foundation to interact with the indigenes. They say “Beers bring us together”. Yes, Beer tasting tours bring foreigners and locals as one! Your itinerary is not complete if you don’t have a beer tasting walking tour on it. Imagine walking through the city’s exclusive views with a bottle of local beer in your hands. What a sweet way for legal adults and couples to enjoy their day.

In this category of activity, you will be taken to different beer stops. These are places where you will explore the behind the scenes of how the city’s native beers are made. There is also a session of craft beer tasting where you will give yourself a treat of the beers as you listen to the original brewer tell tales coupled with the history of their existence. In case you don’t have the whole day to spare, just go for an evening pub crawl. All day tour and no night tour make an incomplete exploration. You will not only enjoy the lively exuberance of the city under the stars; you will drink yourself into the city’s lifestyle. Look out also for beer festivals. They are the real deals that bond with everyone alike – locals and foreigners like you.

Every city under this category has been purged of their best beer tasting and brewing tours and collated in a well-detailed list. We compare prices from different ticket providers, and read hundreds of travelers’ reviews. This helps us create an exclusive list that will make your experience memorable. All tours picked have the services of a tour guide who will feed you with live commentary. The guide will as well be your bond link between you and the locals. You’re in for an all-rounder beer exploring experience.

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